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Company Events and Team Building
There's untapped creative potential in all of us. At Color Me Mine, we provide the tools to keep your team inventive and enthusiastic.

Our ceramic-painting activities will engage your entire organization. Everyone is involved at their own pace, interest, and capability.

Color Me Mine specializes in:
Staff Retreats, Group Team-building Sessions, Holiday Parties, Family Activities, Group Retirement & Going Away Gifts, and Office Birthdays & Showers.

Want to reward your staff for their hard work? Or maybe
you want to encourage lateral thinking in your team through creativity? You may even be celebrating a birthday or organizing a holiday party.

Whatever the occasion, Color Me Mine offers an experience you'll never forget.

Events can be held in the studio or wrapped up to go to your office!

Go Green @ Work
Eliminate the waste generated from paper coffee cups at your officeóreplace them with mugs you create yourself! Each team member will get a large mug to personalize any way they like. We can even help you transfer your company logo to your mug to be painted. Go Green events are a great time to get your whole team involved in talking about other ways to reduce waste at the office while having fun!

This Mug's For You
Get to know your team in a unique wayó host a This Mugís For You event. Share an interesting fact about yourself with each team member and they will paint a representation of it on your mug. As the mugs get passed around the room, it opens up conversation, fosters team building, and in the end, everyone gets a one-of-a-kind, personalized mug to use at the office!

Team Color Me Canvas
Choose a canvas from our library of styles, and your team will all work to recreate the same canvas during this class. We provide all the supplies and step-by-step instruction from one of our trained staff.

Team Party Time
Just want to relax and party with your team? Choose a piece in our studio and we will provide you everything else you need to create your works of art! We have great items to choose from like desk accessories, mugs and bowls, and lots more! We willteach you techniques like taping, sponging, and spattering to make your creations amazing.
Client Gifts, Employee Rewards and More
We can work together to create wonderful client gifts, employee or team recognition pieces and rewards, retirement gifts, and more!

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